Why Piepacker? 🧐

At the heart of Piepacker’s mission is the creation of a new way to share games with friends and family: a free online place for gamers to play and hangout together, with video cameras, bringing back the golden era of multiplayer couch gaming. In a world of constraining internet connections…

Pourquoi Piepacker ? 🧐

Piepacker propose une toute nouvelle façon de jouer à plusieurs en ligne. Gratuite, notre plateforme permet de partager une expérience de jeu multijoueur où, à la manière des consoles de salon, les joueurs partagent un espace de jeu convivial et social, par le biais d’un système de vidéochat intégré …

Arsène Bomber is Piepacker Studios’ very first original game. The team has opened up about its development and for the first time, we’ll share with you all the anecdotes no one else knows about.

From the conceptualization of the gameplay to the selection and refining of the art style, here’s…

This week, Piepacker has its own digital booth in the Retro Area of Gamescom 2021.

For obvious reasons we shall not name (🦠) Gamescom will be held 100% online this year. The good news is that you can join the fun from anywhere!

Let’s meet up in digital form in…


On a mission to create the best social gaming experience 🚀

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